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Humanist Press Releases Kylie’s Heel From Best-Selling Author Susan K. Perry

Novel explores how “A Rational Woman” columnist copes with an irrational world

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Contact: Brian Magee, 202-238-9088 ex. 105, Mobile: (202) 681-2425 bmagee@humanistpress.com

Susan K. Perry(Washington, DC – Aug. 15, 2013) – The first novel by Susan K. Perry, the best-selling author of Writing in Flow, is now available from Humanist Press.

Hilma Wolitzer, author of 14 books, including the novels An Available Man, The Tunnel of Love, and Summer Reading, has called the book “a fine fiction debut!” adding, “Susan Perry has written a compelling and compassionate novel about love and loss and renewal.”

Kylie’s Heel tells the story of "A Rational Woman" columnist Kylie Moran after her religious twin sister takes Kylie's teen son with her to Africa on a medical mission. Kylie's fears for his safety become justified as the story develops and forces the question of how a rational woman copes with an irrational world. Quirky, funny, sometimes dark, Kylie's Heel takes readers on an emotionally compelling journey.

Kylie's Heel burrows deep into the mind with its pathos and intelligence. Its power slowly builds into a crescendo of insight,” says 2011 Humanist of the Year Rebecca Newberger Goldstein. “This is a novel I will never forget, no more than if I myself had lived it.”

This novel, available through HumanistPress.com and all major online retailers for the ebook, will appeal to skeptics, agnostics, atheists, humanists, doubting theists, those interested in family relationships, social pressures and foreign cultures.

“Perry has moved and inspired many readers through her non-fiction; now, with Kylie's Heel, she is poised to touch readers through her fiction, as well,” says Gayle Brandeis, author of The Book of Dead Birds, winner of Barbara Kingsolver's Bellwether Prize for Fiction in Support of a Literature of Social Change. “This affecting novel explores the gulf that can grow between head and heart, and reminds us that rationality, in all its shimmering clarity, doesn't protect us against loss.”

The cost is $7.99 for the ebook (ISBN: 978-0-931779-32-9), $10.99 for the paperback (ISBN: 978-0-931779-33-6).


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