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October 8, 2015

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    The Ethical Dilemma: Faith Healing in the Workplace and Kids Who Love Pseudoscience

    Experiencing an ethical dilemma? Need advice from a humanist perspective? Send your questions to The Ethical Dilemma at (subject line: Ethical Dilemma). All inquiries are kept confidential. No Faith Healing: I’m having issues in my workplace with religion. It’s my boss, not coworkers, and it’s a Christian-based grocery store. I’m OK with that, but […]

    Rules Are for Schmucks: The Danger of Religious Enclaves

    Former House Speaker Tip O’Neill used to say that “all politics is local.” So are most concerns about religious privilege, especially when communities become dominated by gangs of God experts anxious to throw their weight around. This month’s item of interest comes from the East Ramapo School District in Rockland County, New York. This community […]

    Speaking Truth to Humanity

    WHEN I WAS ASKED to speak in Denver at the American Humanist Association annual conference earlier this year, I was very flattered, and a little confused. I’m not an ardent atheist. I wasn’t raised within a religion or with a clear notion of God unless you count what my dad imbued in me after his […]

    Strange Bedfellows: Misanthropy, Humanism, & the Many Faces of George Carlin

    HUMANISTS EXPECT their heroes to be positive. That’s what humanism is, after all—a positive morality that launches off the negation of belief; an actively asserted moral framework that hinges on solutions, on progress, on unwavering optimism. It’s an ideology grounded in the desire to make life better for all on Earth—and it’s powered by the […]

    Robert Louis Stevenson Says No to Religion

    ON THE NIGHT of January 30, 1873, in his home at 17 Heriot Row in Edinburgh, Scotland, Robert Louis Stevenson told his parents that he no longer believed in God. He’d grown tired of pretending to be something he was not (“am I to live my whole life as one falsehood?”). His father, a strict […]

    The Bad Book

    How much better would the Bible be if the poet voice had won out over the priestly? In the summer of 1957, fresh out of the navy (remember the draft and the Korean War?), I rented a cabin for a month on an island in Canada just north of the Minnesota border and set out […]

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