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    Three Warning Signs That Village Atheism Is Your New Religion

    I recently came across an open attempt to “diss” secular social justice activism. In the interest of not igniting some kind of flame war, I’ll just say that the author’s intent was clear but the reasoning vacillated between simplistic and specious. We get it: endeavoring to address, oppose, and provide solutions for various social inequalities—also […]

    Humanism for the High Court: AHA’s Brief on Zubik v. Burwell

    One of the highest profile Supreme Court cases this term is Zubik v. Burwell, where religious groups are objecting to the procedure for exemption to the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate. The American Humanist Association filed an amicus brief in the case earlier this year, presenting a unique humanist view of the issue to the court. […]

    What Has God Done for Me Lately?

    I’m getting tired of this whole God business. I used to regard God with a sort of benevolent patience, like a successful author might regard an English teacher who used to give him a hard time when he was in the eighth grade but has long since become a nuisance. That author really doesn’t need […]

    In Praise of Imperfection

    In pagan times, people worshipped various humanoid supernatural deities who did not even pretend to be perfect. Gods like Zeus and Odin, busy smiting and seducing, seemed to make many mistakes and to have a lot of problems for supposedly all-powerful head gods. Nowadays, the word “perfect” tends to be restricted to the products of […]

    How Bill O’Reilly Inspired a Humanist Holiday Sculpture

    A few years ago, The O’Reilly Factor reached out to me with a last-minute invitation to come on the show and talk about the alleged “War on Christmas.” I was ready to turn down their offer, thinking the conversation wouldn’t be very productive. But then I called my mom, who occasionally watches Fox News (with […]

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