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Boycott the Pledge

Our national campaign to encourage people to sit out the Pledge of Allegiance until the phrase “under God” is removed from it.

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    Burning Black Churches and the Haze of Euphemism

    “The vehicle you will see has a very distinct front license plate.” Those were the words used by Charleston police Chief Gregory Mullen in his initial statement to the press on June 18, the morning after Dylann Roof slaughtered nine black individuals in a South Carolina church. And indeed, the license plate on Roof’s car […]

    Think There’s Nothing Humane about Drones? Think Again.

    Last week, Women on Waves, a Dutch nonprofit that floats in international waters and provides abortion services to women in countries where legal constraints make abortions difficult or dangerous to obtain, announced the successful delivery of abortion pills from Germany to Poland by drone. The flight was completely legal in both countries because it was […]

    What Makes An American?

    As the Fourth of July rapidly approaches, red, white, and blue banners (as well as hundreds of tacky Independence Day-themed advertisements for bars and nightclubs) seem to be everywhere in our nation’s capital. While patriotic fireworks and large quantities of alcohol tend to mark the way we celebrate our country’s independence on this special day, […]

    The Ethical Dilemma: Should We Raise Kids as Atheists?

    Experiencing an ethical dilemma? Need advice from a humanist perspective? Send your questions to The Ethical Dilemma at (subject line: Ethical Dilemma). All inquiries are kept confidential. Too Young For Truth? At a humanist meeting in Oklahoma, a first-time attendee introduced himself and his seven-year-old daughter to the gathering. He said he was from […]

    Meanwhile, at Google…

    While government continues to hash out the same, tired issues grounded in individual versus collective rights, equality and what that entitles, and how to implement policies of distributive justice sans agreement and seldom making progress (good job, SCOTUS, on Obergefell), the scientific community is moving full-speed ahead—and the resource-rich tech industry is moving doubly fast, […]

    Eventbrite Sheds Some Light on Religious Events and Community Building

    Human beings are naturally social, and the emergence of the Internet has given us even more ways to connect with each other, both online and in person. Online event marketing tools have given people more opportunities to find others with similar values and interests. Unsurprisingly, religious groups are taking advantage of these opportunities to reach […]

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