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Nov./Dec. 2016

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AHA & Social Justice

The AHA launches three groups To strengthen the humanist presence in social justice movements.

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    Latest Posts

    Film Review: The Atheist Delusion

    Christian evangelist Ray Comfort asks the big questions. Well, one question (and it kind of has to do with the small): Is DNA intelligently designed? In the words of PZ Myers, the answer is, “No.” Comfort’s newest film, The Atheist Delusion (now available on YouTube), hopes to explain “why millions deny the obvious”—namely Comfort’s version […]

    Science & Religion in the Rough

    Jared Diamond looks at the ways human evolution and the multitude of extrasolar planets complicate the idea that we're special.

    Speeches from Awardees Elizabeth Loftus and John de Lancie

    At an evening reception on Saturday, May 28, 2016, The American Humanist Association honored two extraordinary humanists at its 75th Anniversary Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Click below to read adaptations of their award acceptance speeches from author and cognitive science Elizabeth F. Loftus, winner of the 2016 Isaac Asimov Science Award, and actor John de […]

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