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Our national campaign to encourage people to sit out the Pledge of Allegiance until the phrase “under God” is removed from it.

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    Latest Posts

    What’s the Cure for Blindness Based on Ignorance?

    Scientists have long suspected that research using embryonic stem cells could lead to new, more effective treatments and cures for a myriad of diseases, from deafness to paralysis, and studies using stem cells in rodents have had promising results. Now, doctors in the United Kingdom are taking steps to determine if stem cells could be […]

    Rules Are for Schmucks: The Cruel Fiction of Annulment

    One of the legitimate complaints about Pope Francis is that he talks a good game, but has actually done almost nothing in his two-and-a-half years in office to change Catholic doctrines or practices. That complaint lost a lot of validity last month, when he decreed what the Vatican calls the most radical reform in church […]

    Art and Humanism: Sculptor Robin Carter’s Humanist Inspirations

    I am a big proponent of skepticism. In fact, I think everyone should be a skeptic—pretending to know something that cannot be proven is problematic. When people lean on these unproven beliefs as a source of authority, people without these beliefs are harmed and the progress of humanity is stopped in its tracks. This is […]

    Politics is not a Game, Trump is not the Host: Dismissing Radical Politics is as Dangerous as Endorsing Them

    Lack of empathy is endemic in the modern Republican party; some might argue that it’s, in fact, a completely foundational aspect of their politics. Immigrants, foreigners, gays and lesbians, blacks, women, atheists, Muslims, liberals—the GOP doesn’t have ideas, they have scapegoats. And the profound inability—or refusal—to identify with the struggles of those scapegoats is trumpeted […]

    On the Hill: Religious Right Fails To Take Down Planned Parenthood

    The presidential election may be over a year away, but certain members of Congress, most of whom belong to the religious right, are once again trying to restrict women’s healthcare options as part of a misguided political ploy that they think will help them in the upcoming election. What these hard-right government officials don’t seem […]

    America’s Violence Problem

    Once again, America is saddened by a tragic mass shooting, one that took the lives of nine innocent individuals at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, last week. In addition, hundreds of friends, family, fellow students, and others in the small Oregon community will be permanently scarred by this senseless and cowardly act of violence. […]

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