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    In Memoriam: Howard B. Radest (1928-2014)

    Dr. Howard Radest, a former member of the Humanist magazine’s editorial advisory board and longtime contributor, died on October 11 at the age of eighty-six. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Radest lived the life of a humanist. He was a visionary who believed that if humanism was to thrive it needed to be sustained by […] Staff Picks: Our Favorite Halloween Films

    Happy Halloween! In the latest edition of our staff picks series, we choose our favorite scary (and some not-so-scary) films in time for All Hallows’ Eve. If you’ve ever wondered how the Olsen twins and Satan could end up the same list, read on. Maggie Ardiente, Senior Editor, I’m a bit of a grinch […]

    The Ethical Dilemma: Should We Protest Offensive Works of Art?

    Experiencing an ethical dilemma? Need advice from a humanist perspective? Send your questions to The Ethical Dilemma at (subject line: Ethical Dilemma). All inquiries are kept confidential. Death of Expression: A close friend recently participated in an organized protest against the opera Death of Klinghoffer. I was deeply disturbed by this—not because I believe […]

    Humanist Voices in Verse: The Two Problems of Certainty

    This week’s poem is by Daniel Thomas Moran, poetry editor, retired dentist and Boston University Assistant Professor, former Poet Laureate of Suffolk County, New York and the author of seven collections of poetry. He lives in Webster, New Hampshire with his wife, Karen, where he has taken on the role of Unemployed Poet and […]

    Rules Are for Schmucks: Should Religious Privilege Extend to Prisoners?

    Last spring I described how even the dissent in the Town of Greece v. Galloway Supreme Court case approving sectarian prayer at official government meetings left much to be desired. It seemed that every single justice was firmly in favor of government promotion of religion, with the only differences among them being how much blandness […]

    Wearing God—Oscar’s Show of Faith?

    “You’re not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have.” —Oscar Pistorius In many ways, Oscar Pistorius’s life personifies the mythical “hero’s journey” as defined by Joseph Campbell: Pistorius is the lame Hephaestus who fought for the right to sprint upon his metallic limbs as an able-bodied athlete in […]

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