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Boycott the Pledge

Our national campaign to encourage people to sit out the Pledge of Allegiance until the phrase “under God” is removed from it.

Boycott The Pledge

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Common Ground 2015

Support cooperation & understanding between religious believers and secular humanists for social progress. Register today!

Common Ground

October 8, 2015

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    Are Nonbelievers More Imaginative? A New Study Suggests They Might Be

    We humanists pride ourselves on being rational. This focus on reason seems especially prominent amongst humanists who were previously entrenched in religious communities. In defiance of their religious upbringings, they espouse a worldview based on scientific evidence, sound logic, and critical thinking. But what if their imaginations, not their rationality, led them to leave religion? […]

    Planned Pan of Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood has never been a stranger to haters and politicians on the conservative Christian right. Recently, one group made a bold yet unsurprising move in an effort to destroy Planned Parenthood’s image amongst it pro-choice supporters. The Center for Medical Progress, a seemingly legitimate organization that describes itself as composed of “a group of […]

    The Humanist Hour #160: The Art of Debate, with Matt Dillahunty

    Click to download an audio file of this podcast. In this episode, Bo Bennett speaks with Matt Dillahunty, host of the Atheist Experience cable access television show broadcast from Austin, Texas. The discussion covers many aspects of debate and common Christian argument, along with some suggestions on how to respond and how not to respond. […]

    The Iran Nuclear Deal: Human Reason Triumphs over Greed and Corruption

    Make no mistake: President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is a historic victory for reason. On July 14, the Obama administration accomplished what no previous U.S. administration had the capacity, tact, or patience to do: create a peaceful resolution that halts Iran’s ability to be a nuclear threat by developing what Obama deems, “the most […]

    Pewdiewho? How YouTube’s Biggest Star is a Humanist

    Pewdiepie is a household name. Maybe not to you—or to anyone over the age of twenty-five—but the nearest kid will likely know exactly who and what you’re talking about. The numbers don’t lie: between his thirty-eight million YouTube subscribers and his nine billion total views, Pewdiepie may be one of the biggest celebrities in the […]

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