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The AHA launches three groups To strengthen the humanist presence in social justice movements.

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Local groups engage in social activism, philosophical discussion and community-building events. Find yours today!

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The Humanist Society

Find or become a celebrant to lead nonreligious weddings & other life cycle ceremonies.

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    What Made the 75th Annual AHA Conference So Important to Me

    It’s now been one month since the American Humanist Association held its 75th Annual Conference in Chicago. Having reflected on the experience—this was my first AHA conference as both a speaker and attendee—allow me to share some macro- and micro-level takeaways. 1. We are an exquisitely imperfect species. But that’s ok. Biologically, chemically, morphologically, and […]

    The Ethical Dilemma: No, You Don’t Have to Stand for the Pledge

    Experiencing an ethical dilemma? Need advice from a humanist perspective? Send your questions to The Ethical Dilemma at dilemma@thehumanist.com (subject line: Ethical Dilemma). All inquiries are kept confidential. Do I Have to Stand for the Pledge? Hello, I am a high school student. Recently, my Spanish teacher and others have been forcing me to stand […]

    Celebrating Fifty Years of Humanism in Star Trek

    It feels like we live in a world where movies and shows keep getting darker. It’s a pop culture where viewers tune in for their weekly dose of misery on The Walking Dead, depravity on Game of Thrones, and where even classic children’s heroes like Batman and Superman are portrayed as mass-murdering vigilantes in Dawn […]

    The Cartoon History of Humanism, Episode 39

    View all episodes in the Cartoon History of Humanism series. Finding Nothing in the Great Beyond: The Spirit Busting of Harry Houdini Everybody has their own theory about why humanists love magic to such a peculiar degree. That we do there is no question. It’s just one of those traits in our collective genes, like […]

    Donald Trump Thinks Your Kids Should Go To Sunday School

    If Donald Trump had his way, we—a humanist news site published by the nonprofit, tax-exempt American Humanist Association—would be able to freely discuss how good or bad a president we think he’d be. But we don’t want to be able to do that. Trump spoke in New York yesterday to a group of powerful Christian […]

    Enough Talk – A Call to Humanist Action

    The American Humanist Association has been devoted to applying critical inquiry and social concern to everyday human activity and to our society for seventy-five years. In 1933, the first Humanist Manifesto was crafted to communicate a need to transcend the limitations of religious belief systems. Those who penned and signed this comprehensive document on humanism […]

    Discovering Life’s Origins and the Mystery of Homochirality

    At a recent meeting of the American Astronomical Society, a team of astronomers announced their discovery of the first chiral molecule outside of our solar system. Their exciting findings, published last week in the journal Science, could bring us closer to a stronger understanding of one of life’s great mysteries: the specifics of how life […]

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