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Our national campaign to encourage people to sit out the Pledge of Allegiance until the phrase “under God” is removed from it.

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    Latest Posts

    Sounds Nothing Like Humanism: MRAs and Mass Shootings

    American Humanist Association President Rebecca Hale has a catchy saying to succinctly explain humanism to people who may be sympathetic to the lifestance but have never heard the term. When a famous intellectual or celebrity makes a comment about the moral imperative for treating people justly and equitably, Hale quips, “Sounds like humanism!” As a […]

    A Humanist Alternative to Religious Confirmation

    The prospects of secular humanists who hold to positive, progressive, nontheistic worldviews are on the rise as the idea of being good without a god becomes more accepted and the numbers of nonreligious Americans increase. With millions of people growing up without traditional religion, it becomes noticeable that some religious ceremonies aren’t just formalities. Weddings […]

    The Humanevangelist: Good-Bye, Columbus—Hello, Regrettable Replacement

    In Seattle, as in a growing roster of US cities and the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and South Dakota, Columbus Day is done. Seattle’s city council has abolished the longstanding holiday, replacing it with something called “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” Two cheers and a boo! On the one hand clapping, I applaud the end of […]

    What Humanists Need to Know about the Global Rally for Humanity

    Humanists who haven’t yet heard about the Global Rally for Humanity scheduled for today, October 9, and tomorrow in some twenty cities across the US may be excused for thinking they’re missing out on something good. After all, a rally for humanity suggests people from all walks of life coming together to promote mutual understanding […]

    The Ethical Dilemma: How to Avoid Religion at Work

    Experiencing an ethical dilemma? Need advice from a humanist perspective? Send your questions to The Ethical Dilemma at dilemma@thehumanist.com (subject line: Ethical Dilemma). All inquiries are kept confidential. Avoiding Religion at Work: I am a Midwestern transplant to a small Southern town. While I have encountered anti-nontheism elsewhere, my boss and coworkers are overwhelming me […]

    What’s the Cure for Blindness Based on Ignorance?

    Scientists have long suspected that research using embryonic stem cells could lead to new, more effective treatments and cures for a myriad of diseases, from deafness to paralysis, and studies using stem cells in rodents have had promising results. Now, doctors in the United Kingdom are taking steps to determine if stem cells could be […]

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