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West Virginia Humanists: Stop RFRA!

Dear Friend,

Religious conservatives in government are at it again, trying to pass laws which will allow West Virginians to legally discriminate against their neighbors by using religion as an excuse.

HB 4012, also known as the West Virginia Religious Freedom Restoration Act, was just introduced in the state legislature and is sponsored by nine Republicans and two Democrats. While the bill is supposed to protect religious freedom, similar bills which have been introduced around the country have instead been used as a means to discriminate against LGBT Americans and other vulnerable communities.

This bill may even give special rights to religious Americans, including the ability not to follow laws, such as local anti-discrimination statutes, which would normally apply to everyone.

Tell your state Delegate that you oppose HB 4012 and support equal rights for all West Virginians.

Religion must never be used as a tool to legally discriminate against our fellow Americans, and with your help we can ensure that attempts to give special rights to religious Americans at the expense of others is thwarted. Please take a moment right now to contact your state Delegate and let them know you oppose this bad bill.

Thank you for standing up for church state separation and equal rights for all.


Roy Speckhardt
Executive Director