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URGENT: House Vote TOMORROW On Religious Exemptions In Health Care

Dear Friend,

Don’t look now, but Congress is trying to pull a fast one on the American people. It was recently announced that a controversial bill, the deceptively named Equitable Access to Care and Health (EACH) Act, is skipping committee review and is going straight to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to be voted on TOMORROW.

The EACH Act contains a provision that would allow anyone with “sincerely held religious beliefs” to be exempt from the mandate in the Affordable Care Act to buy health insurance.

This bill is being pushed by members of the religious right who simply don’t want to buy health insurance, including people whose religious beliefs tell them that some medical practices cannot be used on their children—even when their life is in danger. Adults that have medical insurance should be able to deny themselves certain medical treatments if their religious beliefs require them to do so, but they should not be given the power to stop their children from receiving insurance and lifesaving medical procedures.

This is urgent. Please take a moment right now to contact your Representative and tell her or him to oppose this bill and protect the rights of vulnerable children.

Religious freedom is being misrepresented by those who support this bill, and it’s time for those who care about our First Amendment rights and the health of children to step up and be heard. Help us stop those who would abuse religious freedom by opposing this bill!

The House will be voting on this bill TOMORROW. Thank you for taking the time to act now.


Roy Speckhardt
Executive Director