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Meet Mr. and Mrs. None

By Steve Rabey

May 10, 2013

'PLEASE, JESUS, PROTECT ME FROM YOUR FOLLOWERS! ' is more than a simple bumper sticker slogan for Colorado Springs couple Becky Hale and Gary Betchan.

The phrase also adorns T-shirts, caps, buttons and jewelry and is among the 4,500 products sold by EvolveFISH.com, their online emporium that ships 16,000 orders each year to godless Americans who can't live without Isaac Newton bobble head dolls, T-shirts supporting gay rights or Coexist bumper stickers promoting religious dialogue. The company, next to Hope Chapel on North Academy Boulevard, is named after the EvolveFISH emblem, which ridicules a popular Christian fish symbol.


As Betchan and Hale sit in their comfortable, north-side home talking about the past quarter century, a picture emerges of two reluctant radicals who only enlisted in their hometown culture wars after being forced to defend their deeply held values.

'Yes, we do have those, ' said Hale, who was elected president of the 23,000-member American Humanist Association in January.

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Rebecca Hale