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Florida Residents: Oppose Amendment 8!

Dear Friend,

This election, I'm asking you to support Jefferson's Wall and protect the separation of church and state.

You've probably heard about Amendment 8, which would eliminate the Florida constitution's "No-Aid Provision." This provision prevents public funds from being used directly or indirectly in aid of any church, sect, or religious denomination or in aid of any sectarian institution.

On Election Day, I hope you will vote to protect secular government and oppose Amendment 8.

The "No-Aid Provision" has long been a part of Florida's history without change for more than 125 years. Since its adoption as part of the state's 1885 constitution, the "No-Aid Provision" has been re-ratified three times by the constitution revision commissions.

Last year, Amendment 8 was thrown out by County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis for being ambiguous and misleading, but a revised version of the amendment is now on the state ballot. The basic goal of the amendment is to strip church-state separation safeguards currently in place for when the government partners with religiously affiliated organizations and to open the door to private religious school vouchers.

Thankfully, this measure requires 60 percent voter approval for adoption, which means we can stop this unconstitutional amendment from taking effect.

I'm asking you to stand up for church -state separation on November 6th by voting "NO" on Amendment 8.

We can't let the Religious Right and their allies in government subvert Florida's secular constitution and favor religious organizations. To find out more about what you can do to help stop this unconstitutional amendment, please visit www.votenoon8.com.


Roy Speckhardt

Executive Director