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Take Action: Tell Congress To Support The Military Spouses Equal Treatment Act!

Now that the disgraceful “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy has been repealed, most Americans think our troops are serving freely and fairly alongside each other. Unfortunately, this is just not the case.

Federal law unfortunately still discriminates against married gay and lesbian service members, veterans, and their families by denying them crucial protections and creating two classes of service members in our armed forces.

Thankfully, Representative Adam Smith (WA) recently proposed legislation that would extend these benefits and protections to same-sex partners of military service members.

HB 6406, also known as the Military Spouses Equal Treatment Act, would enable same-sex spouses and partners of military personnel and veterans to “obtain essential benefits, including insurance, housing allowances and survivor benefits.” This legislation would finally remove the discriminatory gap in our armed forces and allow gay and lesbian service members and their families to get the benefits and rights that they deserve.

Stand up for the rights of LGBT soldiers who risk their lives every day to protect our country. Contact your Representative today and ask her or him to support the Military Spouses Equal Treatment Act.

The American Humanist Association firmly believes in the right of all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation, to be treated equally and justly by their government. Congress must pass legislation such as HB 6406 that works to protect the rights of all Americans and removes the remnants of institutional discrimination.

Please take a moment to contact your Representative today and ask him or her to support the Military Spouses Equal Treatment Act.

Roy Speckhardt
Executive Director