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Don't Mess with Texas! Keep Social Studies Curriculum Historically Accurate

The Texas State Board of Education is currently revising the social studies curriculum for Texas public schools, and efforts are underway by some religious conservatives to push for a curriculum that would portray the founding of the United States as having "biblical motivations."

The American Humanist Association has already sent a letter to the Texas State Board asking them to maintain integrity in their social studies curriculum by providing an accurate and balanced account of our nation's rich tradition of separation of church and state and religious pluralism. But that's not enough; we need your help! Please sign ourpetition and demand that the Texas State Board of Education not revise history by downplaying the secular nature of the U.S. Constitution and government.

The Texas social studies curriculum doesn't just affect Texas children, it affects all public school children across the country. Texas has the second-largest school system in the United States, and many textbooks that are published and used by students across the country are written to meet Texas guidelines.

So please join with the American Humanist Association and sign our petition for historical accuracy in the Texas social studies curriculum.Make your voices heard loud and clear: don't mess with Texas!