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Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign Applauds Bloomington Mayor for Taking Stand Against Censorship

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Charlie Sitzes, INABC, (812) 666-4135, http://inatheistbus.org/

(Bloomington, Indiana, May 15, 2009) The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign (INABC) today applauded Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan for instructing the city’s legal department not to represent the Bloomington Public Transportation Corp (BPTC) in a recent free speech lawsuit that has been launched against them. The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign filed suit against BPTC after they rejected an ad that states “You Can be Good without God” because it was deemed “controversial” and in violation of BPTC advertising policy.

“I felt strongly that the city shouldn’t be defending on this issue,” Mayor Kruzan said Thursday. He said that if the city were to defend BPTC in court it would be tantamount to “promoting government sanctioned censorship.” Mayor Kruzan also said he disagrees with the BPTC policy of rejecting ads with statements of position in support of or in opposition to controversial public issues.

“We’re gratified to the Mayor for taking this strong stand against censorship,” said Charlie Sitzes, INABC spokesperson. “The Mayor thankfully respects our country’s venerable tradition of free speech. We need more public officials who will take the principled position he has.”

The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign was formed in order to let like-minded people know they are not alone and to challenge false perceptions about atheism. More information about the lawsuit and other activities of the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign can be found at http://inatheistbus.org/ . INABC’s press release announcing the lawsuit can be found at http://www.americanhumanist.org/news/details/2009-05-the-indiana-atheist-bus-campaign-launches-lawsuit-against-bloomington-bus-company and a PDF of the ad can be found at http://www.americanhumanist.org/system/storage/29/937/IN-Atheist-Bus-Ad-Layout.pdf.


The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign (http://inatheistbus.org/) was created to purchase advertising on public buses in support of atheism. Through such advertising across Indiana, INABC has partnered with the American Humanist Association in hopes of promoting a lively and thoughtful discussion in the community and to counter the stigma against voicing atheist views.

The American Humanist Association (www.americanhumanist.org), which designed the ad, advocates for the rights and viewpoints of humanists. Founded in 1941 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., its work is extended through more than 100 local chapters and affiliates across America.