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Since its founding in 1977, the Feminist Caucus of the American Humanist Association has worked toward the advancement of women's rights and equality between the sexes in all aspects of society. Open to all AHA members. Join us today.

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Welcome to our reinvigorated AHA Feminist Caucus!

Welcome to the AHA Feminist Caucus!

A message from Stephanie Downs Hughes

Medea Benjamin, Humanist Heroine

Medea Benjamin, 2016 Humanist Heroine

Medea Benjamin is the author of eight books. Her latest book is Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, and she has been campaigning to stop the use of killer drones. Her direct questioning of President Obama during his 2013 foreign policy address, as well as her recent trips to Pakistan and Yemen, helped shine a light on the innocent people killed by US drone strikes.

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Working for the ERA & the UDHR

Working for the ERA & the UDHR

The Feminist Caucus is working continuously to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in the US & the promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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