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American Humanist Association
1777 T Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009-7125

Phone: (202) 238-9088
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Maggie Ardiente, Development & Communications Director

Maggie Ardiente

Director of Development and Communications
Senior Editor, TheHumanist.com
+ Maggie's bio & contact info

Jennifer Bardi, Editor, The Humanist

Jennifer Bardi

Editor, The Humanist Magazine
Senior Editor, TheHumanist.com
+ Jennifer's bio & contact info

Emma Bates, Director of Outreach

Emma Bates

Director of Outreach

Rachael Berman, Grassroots and Celebrant Program Coordinator

Rachael Berman

Grassroots and Celebrant Program Coordinator
+ Rachael's bio & contact info

Bob Bhaerman, Director, Kochhar Humanist Education Center

Bob Bhaerman

Director, Kochhar Humanist Education Center (KHEC)
+ Bob's bio & contact info

Peter Bjork, Web Content Manager

Peter Bjork

Web Content Manager
Managing Editor, TheHumanist.com
+ Peter's bio & contact info

Matthew Bulger, Legislative Assocociate

Matthew Bulger

Legislative Associate
+ Matthew's bio & contact info

Joaquin Cabrejas, Bookkeeper

Joaquin Cabrejas


Fred Edwords, National Director of the United Coalition of Reason

Fred Edwords

Director of Planned Giving
+ Fred's bio & contact info

Luis Granados, Director of The Humanist Press

Luis Granados

Director of The Humanist Press

Rebecca Hale, AHA President

Rebecca Hale

+ Rebecca's bio & contact info

Meghan Hamilton, Member Services Assistant

Meghan Hamilton

Development and Social Media Assistant

Ron Holley, Fullfillment Associate

Ron Holley

Fulfillment Associate

Kevin Jagoe, LGBTQ Humanist Council Coordinator

Kevin Jagoe

LGBTQ Humanist Council Coordinator
+ Kevin's bio & contact info

Merrill Miller, Communications Associate

Merrill Miller

Communications Associate
+ Merrill's bio & contact info

Monica Miller, Legal Consultant

Monica Miller

Attorney, Appignani Humanist Legal Center
+ Monica's bio & contact info

Dr. John R. Shook, Education Coordinator

David Niose

Legal Director, Appignani Humanist Legal Center
+ David's bio & contact info

Roy Speckhardt, AHA Executive Director

Roy Speckhardt

Executive Director
+ Roy's bio & contact info

Janny Stratichuk, Regional Programs Coordinator

Janny Stratichuk

Regional Programs Coordinator for Moscow/Pullman, ID
+ Janny's bio & contact info

Lisa Zangerl, Graphic Design Associate

Lisa Zangerl

Graphic Designer
+ Lisa's bio & contact info



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