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AHA Resolution on Gun Violence

In 2000, the AHA Board of Directors issued this resolution regarding children and gun violence.

Adopted by the Board of Directors
June 1, 2000 ~ Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

As Humanists, we view providing maximum safety for all, especially children and others less able to protect themselves, as requisite to a civilized society. We watch with sadness as the protection of guns continues to be placed before the protection of lives, with the result that the United States lags lamentably behind other nations in the preventing the death of children from gunfire.

WHEREAS one child dies from gunfire every two hours in the United States, some 80,000 in the last two decades alone—far more than the total number of American soldiers killed in battle in the entire Vietnam war; and

WHEREAS many children killed in shootings would be alive today if Child Firearm Access Protection laws were in effect in every state, those deaths being down by 23% in states with such laws;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the AMERICAN HUMANIST ASSOCIATION regards this situation as needless and shameful and calls upon all states which have not yet adopted Child Firearm Access Protection laws to do so within their current Legislative sessions; and

WHEREAS the United States, the world's leading spender for military force in the name of protection, has failed to protect its own children from preventable gun violence;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the AMERICAN HUMANIST ASSOCIATION calls upon the Congress and the president of the United States, and the leaders of all political parties, to make protecting children from gun violence a top priority of our national agenda.

This resolution can be read as a .pdf here.