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Godless “Humanism Works!” Campaign Continues with Billboard, Newspaper Ads

For Immediate Release

Humanists of the Palouse Contact: Tyler Palmer, 208-310-3053, tylerp1980@gmail.com
American Humanist Association Contact: Brian Magee, 202-238-9088, bmagee@americanhumanist.org

(Moscow, ID – Oct. 24, 2012) – Humanists in the Palouse are continuing to reach out to local residents with a new billboard and newspaper insert as part of the ongoing “Humanism Works!” campaign that began in July. The new billboard is located on Highway 95, north of Palouse River Drive in Moscow, Idaho. The newspaper insert will be included in The Market and The Moscow Pullman Daily News on October 24 and 27, respectively.

The “Humanism Works!” campaign began July 23 with the placement of a billboard on Highway 95, south of Palouse River Drive. This second billboard reads, “Working to benefit society maximized individual happiness. Humanism Works!” This statement is one of the current principles of humanism adopted by the American Humanist Association in the one-page document, Humanism and Its Aspirations, which will be the newspaper insert. (Humanism and Its Aspirations, found online here: http://www.americanhumanist.org/Humanism/Humanist_Manifesto_III)

Additional principles from Humanism and Its Aspirations will be highlighted in future billboard ads.

The American Humanist Association, a national organization located in Washington DC, and Humanists of the Palouse, a local chapter of the AHA, have been working together on the campaign by building on past campaigns and events, including the highly successful “Darwin on the Palouse” two-day festival held in February.

“By working with Humanists of the Palouse, we can more effectively educate residents in the area about humanism,” said American Humanist Association Executive Director Roy Speckhardt. “This continuing campaign will allow people unfamiliar with humanism and being ‘good without a god’ realize that we’re just as interested in the welfare of our families, friends and neighbors as anyone else.”

A full-size picture of the billboard can be found here: http://www.americanhumanist.org/system/storage/63/b4/9/3473/Individual_Happiness_Image.JPG

A high resolution image of the ad can be found here: http://www.americanhumanist.org/system/storage/63/e8/e/3468/Humanism_Works_Billboard_2.pdf

More information about Humanists of the Palouse can be found on their website: http://humanistsofthepalouse.org


The American Humanist Association www.AmericanHumanist.org) advocates for the rights and viewpoints of humanists. Founded in 1941 and headquartered in Washington, DC, its work is extended through more than 150 local chapters and affiliates across America. Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism, affirms our responsibility to lead ethical lives of value to self and humanity.