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Take Action: Ask Your Representative to Attend the First Capitol Hill Briefing on American Secularism!

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to tell you that David Niose, president of the American Humanist Association and author of Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans, will be speaking at the first-ever congressional briefing on "The State of Secular America," hosted by the Secular Coalition for America on October 1.

Your Representative is invited to attend, and we need your help to encourage her or him to learn more about the humanist movement and the growing number of secular Americans. Contact your Representative today and encourage him or her to attend this congressional briefing.

Secular Americans are a large—and rapidly growing—demographic, yet we lack representation in Congress relative to our size. With recent Pew studies showing that 19% of Americans are religiously unaffiliated, our elected officials can no longer ignore the interests of our movement.

It’s time for our movement to speak out. This is a great opportunity for humanists, secularists, atheists, and freethinkers of all kinds to show our Representatives who we are and what we stand for. As the election season heats up, we must take advantage of every opportunity to make your voice heard.

Do your part to help grow the secular movement by contacting your Representative today and asking them to attend this important briefing.


Roy Speckhardt
Executive Director