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AHA Asks Wilmington, NC City Council: Do Not Allow Return Of Those Giving Sectarian Prayers

On July 11, 2012 the AHA’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center sent a letter to the Wilmington City Council asking they address the unconstitutional practice of allowing sectarian prayers during their meetings. In a letter sent to the AHA by City Attorney William Wolak in response, the only action that will be taken is to remind those giving invocations to make them “nonsectarian.”

On July 30, 2012, Appignani Legal Center Director William J. Burgess replied, pointing out that “the city is liable for the conduct of those it invites to offer official prayers on its behalf” and suggests that “those who have violated the policy should be banned from ever offering prayers at meetings again and that the city publicly disassociate itself from them and their sectarian prayers in order to mitigate your violation of the law.”

The American Humanist Association remains in contact with local members who will continue to monitor the situation.