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Take Action: Tell President Obama To Stop Federally Funded Faith-Based Discrimination!

Dear Friend,

On July 22, 2011, President Obama spoke at a Town Hall meeting in College Park, Maryland about the Administration’s policies concerning faith-based federally funded employment discrimination. Though he criticized religiously discriminatory employment practices in Zanesville, Ohio, in 2008, his recent statements suggest that he supports federally funded religious organizations that choose to hire and fire on the basis of religion.     

Tell President Obama to take a stand against religiously discriminatory employment practices!

As a member of the Coalition Against Religious Discrimination (C.A.R.D.), the American Humanist Association has joined 55 other organizations, calling on the President in a letter to address these concerns by clarifying the Administration’s stance on the issue and take steps to end these discriminatory practices.

Our message is clear: a federally-funded employer should have no grounds to discriminate against potential and current employees on the basis of their religion—or lack thereof.

Please take a moment and contact President Obama, asking him to stop federally funded faith-based discrimination and put an end to these discriminatory allowances.     




Roy Speckhardt

Executive Director