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Jason Frye

Jason Frye

Email: humanistsd@gmail.com

Jason Frye has been an LGBT Activist since 1996, a Humanist Activist since 2003, a Humanist Celebrant since 2006, and has held various positions in freethought organizations at both the local and national level.

For three years Jason hosted a weekly, multimedia Humanist discussion series; and has regularly lectured and spoken on a variety of topics including LGBT rights, the separation of church and state, Humanism, and Atheist History.

Jason helped establish the LGBT Humanist Council and the AHA has sent Jason out to speak on the Humanist commitment to LGBT rights in California, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Washington, DC. He has also produced and hosted three regional conferences.

Jason is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska and is currently studying Religious Studies at the University of California Irvine. A contagious enthusiast, Jason's speeches tend to be thought provoking, inspiring, chocked full of good information, and they never fail to entertain. He is an excellent speaker on issues of Humanism, The Separation of Church and State, The History of Atheism, or LGBT Rights & Humanism.

Honorarium terms are best negotiated on an individual basis. Jason Frye does not usually stipulate this fee; however, compensation for travel is required.

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