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John Compere

John Compere

Email: johncompere@gmail.com
Phone: (480) 656-0864

John S. Compere, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist who spent the first 15 years of his adulthood as a Southern Baptist minister, the fifth-generation minister in his family.

After leaving the ministry and receiving an MA and PhD in Psychology, he taught Psychology at Wake Forest University and Medical School, consulted at the Center for Creative Leadership, had a private clinical practice and then spent 20 years on the platform as a Professional Speaker.

He has been a member of AHA for many years and is currently Vice-President of his local chapter of FFRF.

His topics include "The Psychology of the Born-Again Syndrome" and "In Religion, Sin is spelled S-E-X". He also is competent to speak on any of the fallacies underlying religious faith. He lives in Chandler, AZ.  His presentations are regularly described as “mesmerizing.”

Dr. Compere is happy to work within a chapter’s budget, but travel expenses are required.

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