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Maggie Ardiente(Click for a hi-res photo)

Maggie Ardiente

Email: mardiente@americanhumanist.org
Phone: (202) 238-9088

Maggie Ardiente is the Director of Development and Communications at the American Humanist Association. She also serves as Senior Editor of TheHumanist.com.

She graduated with a B.S. in sociology and second major in religion from James Madison University and served as vice president of the JMU Freethinkers, a student group for atheists, agnostics, and humanists. She is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Secular Student Alliance and graduate of Class 15 of the Humanist Institute.

Her speaking interests include Humanism Today: An Update from the American Humanist Association, Fresh Faces: Attracting Youth to Humanism, and Humanism 101: An Introduction.

Honorarium terms are best negotiated on an individual basis.

Maggie Ardiente does not usually stipulate this fee; however, compensation for travel is required.

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