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The Humanist Foundation: The Endowment Fund of the American Humanist Association

The American Humanist Association is the oldest and largest organization dedicated to promoting humanism. The Humanist Foundation, the endowment fund of the AHA, offers members exceptional opportunities to ensure the advancement of Humanism's life-affirming message to countless future generations.

Since it was established in 1980, the Humanist Foundation has seen its assets climb to over three million dollars. This effort is the culmination of a dream among AHA members, who have been providing for the future of Humanism through their wills, life insurance plans, trusts and annuities since the AHA was founded in 1941. Many of these gifts enable the giver to enjoy a secure life income while benefiting the AHA in future years.

The Humanist Foundation is well on its way to its current goal of five million dollars to further enhance the AHA's mission-to reach as many people as possible through well-developed outreach programs, advertising, conferences, the printed word, media and electronic communications.


The pleasure and security of knowing your gift will continue throughout the century and beyond, supporting the advancement of Humanism.


The Humanist Foundation of the American Humanist Association in your estate plans, and the principal will be kept in perpetuity, earning vital interest and dividends forever.

The Humanist Foundation Offers You:


When you give to the Humanist Foundation, your name will be permanently etched in The Honor Roll of the Humanist Foundation.

Professional Services

Estate planning, starting annuities and establishing trusts are often costly endeavors. Members of the AHA can access expert professional guidance by enlisting the aid of the Humanist Foundation at no cost.

Our Present and Future

The Present:

Already in this new millennium the AHA has moved its headquarters to Washington, D.C., making possible an increased impact and influence.

The Future:

The groundwork has been laid and the foundation established. The future is now an open field of opportunity for the advancement of Humanism-nationally and worldwide. All that is needed is your involvement to turn the AHA's great yesterdays into a significant prelude for a stunning tomorrow.

You may write, call or email for further information on estate planning. All inquiries are kept in strict confidence.

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