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Evolve Fish

The American Humanist Association is a proud partner of EvolveFISH, the premier online store for freethought merchadise. Purchase any humanist item from EvolveFISH listed on this page, and 5% of the purchase price of each item will be donated to the American Humanist Association and its important work to protect church-state separation and humanist values.

Humanist Books

Humanist Press is the official publisher of the American Humanist Association. Since 1995, Humanist Press has published print books by authors writing from a humanist perspective on philosophy, politics, history, fiction, and more. In 2012, Humanist Press became primarily an e-book publisher. Humanist Press books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google E-books and the Apple iBookstore. Authors who have been published under Humanist Press include Herb Silverman, Barbara G. Walker, Nikki Stern, Luis Granados, Laury Egan, and Carl Coon.

Visit to purchase our latest books on humanism, and 65% of the purchase price of each book will benefit the American Humanist Association and our advocacy work for nontheist Americans.