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Florida Residents: Oppose Amendment 8!
Posted: 16:07PM on November 01 2012

Florida residents can find out more here about the unconstitutional Amendment 8

Take Action: Tell The State Department to Help Egyptian Atheist Alber Saber
Posted: 11:03AM on September 27 2012

Please ask the State Department to provide assistance in freeing Egyptian atheist Alber Saber.

Take Action: Ask Your Representative to Attend the First Capitol Hill Briefing on American Secularism!
Posted: 14:02PM on September 25 2012

Use our Action Alert process to ask your Representative to attend a briefing on the state of secular America. 

Take Action: Tell Your Senators To Oppose The Military Religious Freedom Act!
Posted: 12:30PM on September 13 2012

Voice opposition to the "Military Religious Freedom Act," which will stop same-sex marriages at military facilities.

From The AHA’s Feminist Caucus: Remember the ERA?
Posted: 15:51PM on August 24 2012

Take a moment to learn what you can do to support passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Take Action: Tell Congress To Support The Military Spouses Equal Treatment Act!
Posted: 11:41AM on July 02 2012

Support equality for LGBT military spouses.

Michigan Residents: Tell Your State Senators To Oppose The Julea Ward Freedom Of Conscience Act!
Posted: 11:07AM on June 14 2012

In Michigan a bill to allow religious beliefs to override ethical counseling standards is being considered.

Take Action: Oppose Religious Discrimination in VAWA Amendment
Posted: 13:37PM on May 15 2012

Let Congress know the Violence Against Women Act should not become a religious discrimination tool.

Thank President Obama for Supporting Marriage Equality
Posted: 09:10AM on May 10 2012

Send a message to President Obama thanking him for supporting marriage equality.

Take Action: Tell The Michigan House To Reject The Julea Ward Freedom of Conscience Act!
Posted: 16:44PM on March 16 2012

Michigan lawmakers are asking for counseling standards to submit to religion.

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