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Take Action: Support Imprisoned Atheist Bloggers In Bangladesh
Posted: 13:43PM on April 03 2013

Help three imprisoned atheist bloggers achieve their freedom.

Tennessee Humanists: Oppose Discrimination in Counseling!
Posted: 16:04PM on March 11 2013

The Religious Right is once again trying to enshrine discrimination into law.

Take Action: Support the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act!
Posted: 11:56AM on February 19 2013

Support a bill that would give grants to programs that offer a science-based approach to sex education.

DC Residents, Take Action: Support Secular Weddings in D.C.!
Posted: 17:02PM on February 08 2013

If you are a DC resident, tell the city council to support secular wedding celebrants.

Take Action: Sign the Equal Rights Amendment White House Petition!
Posted: 14:22PM on January 30 2013

Tell President Obama that you would like him to join you in supporting the ERA.

Support the Darwin Day Resolution: Contact Your Representative Now!
Posted: 09:42AM on January 23 2013

Use our Action Alert system to ask your Representative to get behind Congressional recognition of Darwin Day!

Take Action: Thank the Orleans Parish School Board for Defending Science Education!
Posted: 11:50AM on December 19 2012

Thank Orleans Parish School Board President Thomas Robichaux and other board members.

Take Action: Tell Governor Nikki Haley To Appoint An Atheist To The U.S. Senate!
Posted: 16:10PM on December 11 2012

SC Residents: Ask governor to appoint Herb Silverman to open Senate seat.

Florida Residents: Oppose Amendment 8!
Posted: 16:07PM on November 01 2012

Florida residents can find out more here about the unconstitutional Amendment 8

Take Action: Tell The State Department to Help Egyptian Atheist Alber Saber
Posted: 11:03AM on September 27 2012

Please ask the State Department to provide assistance in freeing Egyptian atheist Alber Saber.

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