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New Mexico Humanists: Help Us Stop the Religious Right from Banning Abortions
Posted: 13:08PM on November 14 2013

Stand up for a woman's right to choose by opposing this ordinance.

URGENT: Support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act
Posted: 09:15AM on November 01 2013

Stand up for LGBT equality by asking your Senators to support ENDA.

Tell Your Representative NO to Government Funding of Discrimination
Posted: 11:41AM on September 26 2013

Stand up against government funding of discrimination by contacting your Representative today.

Help Honor Asa Philip Randolph, 1970 Humanist of the Year
Posted: 09:20AM on September 12 2013

Honor humanist participation in the civil rights movement by asking your Senators to support this resolution.

Remembering March on Washington Organizer Asa Philip Randolph, 1970 Humanist of the Year
Posted: 09:03AM on August 28 2013

Let us include in our memories one of the great humanists of the twentieth century, Asa Philip Randolph.

On Women’s Equality Day, Support the Equal Rights Amendment
Posted: 09:24AM on August 26 2013

Support equal rights for all by contacting the White House today.

Humanists of Chico: Help Stop Religious Invocations at Council Meetings
Posted: 11:40AM on July 29 2013

Join us in the fight to end government endorsement of religion.

Take Action: Repeal the Rest of DOMA
Posted: 09:40AM on July 01 2013

Help us remove the rest of DOMA and ensure marriage equality for all!

Support Humanist Chaplains In The Military
Posted: 15:40PM on June 17 2013

Thank your representative for fighting for non-religious service members.

Ohio Humanists: Oppose Public School Religion Credits
Posted: 10:56AM on June 13 2013

Please help us defend the public school system from religious intrusion by contacting your state representative!

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