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South Carolina Residents: Stop Cuts to Public Colleges over LGBTQ Book
Posted: 12:43PM on April 29 2014

Help stop a bill that would de-fund public colleges over LGBT reading materials.

Will Your Senators and Representative Stand Up for Reason?
Posted: 11:40AM on April 08 2014

Urge your Representative and Senators to enter a statement honoring the National Day of Reason!

Minnesota Residents: Support Secular Weddings!
Posted: 16:32PM on April 07 2014

Help secular Minnesotans perform weddings!

URGENT: House Vote TOMORROW On Religious Exemptions In Health Care
Posted: 16:19PM on March 10 2014

Take action to stop religious exemptions to the healthcare law!

Alabama Residents: Say NO to Prayer in Public Schools!
Posted: 10:59AM on February 27 2014

Help us stop prayer from being pushed in public schools!

Oppose the Federal Funding Of Religious Schools
Posted: 10:15AM on February 26 2014

Help ensure public schools don’t get defunded while private religious schools rake in federal dollars.

Contact Your Representative NOW To Pass The Darwin Day Resolution!
Posted: 10:33AM on January 30 2014

Stand up for scientific discovery by urging your Representative to support H. Res. 467!

URGENT: Religious Extremists Are Behind Yet Another Anti-Choice Bill
Posted: 15:30PM on January 22 2014

Help us oppose a new bill that would further limit the ability of women to get abortions.

Help End Abstinence-Only Education Funding
Posted: 14:02PM on December 27 2013

Help support comprehensive sex education by contacting your Representative and urging them to support this bill.

New Mexico Humanists: Help Us Stop the Religious Right from Banning Abortions
Posted: 13:08PM on November 14 2013

Stand up for a woman's right to choose by opposing this ordinance.

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