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Religion: A License to Discriminate
Posted: 12:13PM on April 01 2015

Dear Friend,

Imagine walking in to a restaurant with your family and friends, only to be thrown out moments later because you are gay. Can you imagine the hurt, confusion, and sadness that would come with being told by the owners that they don’t serve “your kind” at their establishment?

This nightmare scenario could soon become a reality if Governor Hutchinson signs the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, which has already passed the state legislature and could legalize discrimination based on religious views.

Not so long ago, a person could be denied service by a business because of their race. America recognized that this unethical behavior has no place in this country, but religious right activists are trying to once again legalize discrimination against Americans based solely on who they are as a person.

Don’t let America fall backwards in the battle against discrimination. Tell Governor Hutchinson to veto the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act!

Religious beliefs can be respected, but they must not be allowed to become a legal basis for discriminatory behavior towards our fellow citizens. This bill may talk about “restoring rights” but the only thing it truly restores is the ability to turn personal bigotry into legalized discrimination.

Corporations, government officials, and public figures are already speaking out against similar bills in Indiana and other states. Please take a stand against religiously motivated discrimination by contacting Governor Hutchinson and letting him know that this bill just isn’t right for Arkansas.

Fighting prejudice is what makes us humanists. Thank you for joining us.


Roy Speckhardt
Executive Director

Tell the Military: Respect Humanist and Atheist Beliefs
Posted: 13:40PM on March 25 2015

Help oppose a bill which would inject religion into our armed services!

Keep LGBTQ Students Safe
Posted: 11:11AM on March 12 2015

Help us pass the Student Non-Discrimination Act today!

BREAKING: Senate Resolution for Darwin Day Introduced in the Senate!
Posted: 10:23AM on February 05 2015

A Senate Darwin Day resolution has been introduced, and we need you to help pass it!

Support the Darwin Day Resolution: Contact Your Representative Now!
Posted: 13:55PM on February 02 2015

Take action and help us pass the Darwin Day resolution!

Oppose Religious Electioneering: Contact Your Representative Now!
Posted: 12:18PM on January 29 2015

Dear Friend,

That didn’t take long. Congress is only in its first month, but religious right government officials are wasting no time in trying to tear down the wall of separation between church and state.

Earlier this month, Rep. Walter Jones introduced a bill, H.R. 153, which would “restore the Free Speech and First Amendment rights of churches and exempt organizations by repealing the 1954 Johnson Amendment.” The Johnson Amendment being referred to is a piece of legislation that prohibits churches from endorsing or opposing political candidates.

If pastors are given the right to endorse candidates from the pulpit, their parishioners may be coerced into supporting specific candidates because of a perceived religious obligation. This is fundamentally un-American, and weakens the state of our democracy by giving religious leaders untold influence.

Stand up for church-state separation by opposing this harmful bill!

Church and state are separate for a reason, and attempts to de-secularize our government must be opposed by humanists just like you. Won’t you take a moment to make your humanist voice heard by contacting your Representative?

We have a long congressional session ahead of us, but the American Humanist Association is dedicated to helping local humanists leave their mark on public policy. Thank you for defending the separation of church and state.


Roy Speckhardt
Executive Director

Help Make This The Best Darwin Day Ever!
Posted: 11:28AM on January 15 2015

This Darwin Day can be the best one yet with your help.

Ohio Residents: Protect Evolution in Science Classrooms
Posted: 12:01PM on August 25 2014

Humanists of Ohio are encouraged by the AHA to work against an anti-science bill.

Don’t Let the Congressional Recess Turn into a Vacation
Posted: 09:39AM on August 07 2014

Take action during the congressional summer recess!

Eight Days Left: Tell Your Representative To Attend The Humanist Chaplain Congressional Briefing!
Posted: 09:45AM on July 14 2014

Dear Friend,

Last week I told you about our first-ever congressional briefing, which is taking place on July 22nd at 12:30pm in Rayburn 2103 and is focusing on the need for Humanist Chaplains in the U.S. military.  

This briefing is really important, because the needs of humanist soldiers remain unaccounted for since the defeat last year of the Polis Amendment, which would have allowed the military to appoint Humanist Chaplains.

We need your help to ensure that members of Congress come to this briefing in order to learn more about this topic so that legislation like the Polis Amendment can pass in the future. Please take a moment right now to contact your Representative and ask that she or he attend this briefing on Humanist Chaplains in the military.

Thank you for standing up for our nontheistic soldiers.


Roy Speckhardt
Executive Director

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