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A “Christian Country” That Supports Discrimination?
Posted: 14:08PM on July 13 2016

Help oppose the First Amendment Defense Act!

Day of Reason Bill Reintroduced in Congress—Contact Your Representative NOW
Posted: 10:55AM on April 13 2016

Help support the National Day of Reason resolution!

Arizona Humanists: Support the Darwin Day Resolution!
Posted: 11:42AM on February 18 2016

Help support a state Darwin Day resolution!

Mississippi Humanists: Oppose Creationism in Public Schools!
Posted: 11:24AM on February 18 2016

Help fight against a bill in the Mississippi legislature that support creationism!

Two Days Left: Support the Darwin Day Resolutions!
Posted: 12:24PM on February 10 2016

Help pass the Darwin Day resolutions in Congress!

West Virginia Humanists: Stop RFRA!
Posted: 11:51AM on January 29 2016

West Virginia humanists have an opportunity to stop yet another RFRA bill.

Support the Darwin Day Resolutions
Posted: 12:52PM on January 28 2016

Help us ensure that Congress passes the Darwin Day resolution in both the House and the Senate!

Florida Humanists: Help Students Sit Out the Pledge
Posted: 14:22PM on January 14 2016

Help the AHA oppose efforts to weaken the separation between church and state!

Support the Senate Darwin Day Resolution
Posted: 12:15PM on January 07 2016

Help gather support for the Senate's Darwin Day resolution!

Help Keep Religious Displays Off Government Land
Posted: 10:48AM on December 17 2015

Help oppose a new resolution which threatens the separation between church and state!

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