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Notable Signers


Notable Signers
Nobel Laureates
All Living Past AHA Presidents
Current AHA Board
Drafting Committee

Notable Signers

Philip Appleman
Poet and distinguished professor emeritus of English, Indiana University

Khoren Arisian
Senior Leader, NY Society for Ethical Culture

Bill Baird
Reproductive rights pioneer

Frank Berger
Pharmacologist, developer of anti-anxiety drugs

Howard Box
Minister emeritus, Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church, Tennessee

Lester R. Brown
Founder and president, Earth Policy Institute

August E. Brunsman IV
Executive director, Secular Student Alliance

Rob Buitenweg
Vice president, International Humanist and Ethical Union

Vern Bullough
Sexologist and former copresident of the International Humanist and Ethical Union

David Bumbaugh
Professor, Meadville Lombard Theological School

Matt Cherry
Executive director, Institute for Humanist Studies

Joseph Chuman
Visiting professor of religion, Columbia University, and leader, Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County, New Jersey

Curt Collier
leader, Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture, New York

Fred Cook
Retired executive committee member, International Humanist and Ethical Union

Carlton Coon
Former US Ambassador to Nepal

Richard Dawkins
Charles Simonyi professor, University of Oxford

Charles Debrovner
President, NACH/Humanist Institute

Arthur Dobrin
Professor of humanities, Hofstra University and leader emeritus Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island, New York

Margaret Downey
President, Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia

Sonja Eggerickx
Vice president, Unie Vrijzinnige, Belgium, and vice president  International Humanist and Ethical Union

Riane Eisler
President, Center for Partnership Studies

Albert Ellis
Creator of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and founder of the Alber Ellis Institute

Edward L. Ericson
Leader emeritus, Ethical Culture

Roy P. Fairfield
Cofounder, Union Graduate School

Antony Flew

Werner Fornos
President, the Population Institute

Levi Fragell
President, International Humanist and Ethical Union

Arun Gandhi
Cofounder, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

Kendyl Gibbons
President, Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association

Babu R.R. Gogineni
Executive director, International Humanist and Ethical Union

Sol Gordon

Ethelbert Haskins
Retired treasurer of the Humanist Foundation

Jim Herrick
Editor, the New Humanist

Pervez Hoodbhoy
Professor of physics at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Fran P. Hosken
Editor, Women's International Network News

Jone Johnson Lewis
President, National Leaders Council of the American Ethical Union

Stefan Jonasson
Immediate past president, HUUmanists

Larry Jones
President, Institute for Humanist Studies

Edwin Kagin
Founder and director, Camp Quest

Beth Lamont
AHA NGO representative to the United Nations

Gerald A. Larue
Professor emeritus of biblical history and archaeology, University of Southern California

Joseph Levee
Board member, Council for Secular Humanism

Ellen McBride
Immediate past president, American Ethical Union

Lester Mondale
Retired Unitarian Universalist minister and signer of Humanist Manifestos I and II

Henry Morgentaler
Abortion rights pioneer

Stephen Mumford
President, Center for Research on Population and Security

William Murry
President and dean, Meadville-Lombard Theological School

Sarah Oelberg
President, HUUmanists

Indumati Parikh
President, Center for the Study of Social Change, India

Philip Paulson
Church-state activist

Katha Pollitt
Columnist, the Nation

Howard Radest
Dean emeritus, the Humanist Institute

James "Amazing" Randi
Magician, founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation

Larry Reyka
President, the Humanist Society

David Schafer
Retired research physiologist, U.S. Veterns Administration

Eugenie Scott
Executive director, National Center for Science Education

Michael Shermer
Editor of Skeptic magazine

James R. Simpson
Professor of international agricultural economics, Ryukoku University, Japan

Warren Allen Smith
Editor and author

Matthew Ies. Spetter
Associate professor in social psychology at the Peace Studies Institute of Manhattan College, NY

Oliver Stone
Academy award-winning filmmaker

John Swomley
Professor emeritus of social ethics, St. Paul School of Theology

Robert Tapp
Dean, the Humanist Institute

Carl Thitchener
Co-minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst and of Canadaigua, New York

Maureen Thitchener
Co-minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst and of Canadaigua, New York

Rodrigue Tremblay
Emeritus professor of economics and of international finance, Universite de Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Kurt Vonnegut

John Weston
Ministerial settlement director, Unitarian Universalist Association

Edward O. Wilson
Professor, Harvard University, and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner

Sherwin Wine
Founder and president, Society for Humanistic Judaism

Dr. George B. Kauffman
Professor of Chemistry, California State University at Fresno

Nobel Laureates

Philip W. Anderson
Physics, 1977

Paul D. Boyer
Chemistry, 1997

Owen Chamberlain
Physics, 1959

Francis Crick
Medicine, 1962

Paul J. Crutzen
Chemistry, 1995

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
Physics, 1991

Johann Deisenhofer
Chemistry, 1988

Jerome I. Friedman
Physics, 1990

Sheldon Glashow
Physics, 1979

David J. Gross
Physics, 2004

Herbert A. Hauptman
Chemistry, 1985

Dudley Herschbach
Chemistry, 1986

Harold W. Kroto
Chemistry, 1996

Yuan T. Lee
Chemistry, 1986

Mario J. Molina
Chemistry, 1995

Erwin Neher
Medicine, 1991

Ilya Prigogine
Chemistry, 1977

Richard J. Roberts
Medicine, 1993

John E. Sulston
Medicine, 2002

Henry Taube
Chemistry, 1983

E. Donnall Thomas
Medicine, 1990

James Dewey Watson
Medicine, 1962


All Living Past AHA Presidents

Edd Doerr

Michael W. Werner

Suzanne I. Paul

Lyle L. Simpson

Bette Chambers

Lloyd L. Morain
1969-1972, 1951-1955

Robert W. McCoy

Vashti McCollum

Current AHA Board

Rebecca Hale


Jennifer Kalmanson
vice president

Susan Sackett

Jason Torpy

David Niose
immediate past president

Debbie Allen

Rob Boston

Howard Katz

Amanda Knief

Raul Martinez

Anthony Pinn

Herb Silverman

Kristen Wintermute

Drafting Committee

Fred Edwords

Edd Doerr

Tony  Hileman

Pat Duffy Hutcheon

Maddy Urken