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MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: The Last Humanist Network News You’ll Ever Read

We've Moved! Please visit for current humanist news & analysis, or browse our archices below.


Okay—maybe that title is a little alarmist. But it’s true—this week, Humanist Network News will be undergoing some major renovations! But I’m confident you’ll be pleased with the new and improved HNN when its hosted on its own website, making it ten times easier to search for your favorite articles, read the latest from your favorite writers, and get up-to-the-minute commentary from the American Humanist Association on breaking news. Don’t worry, your favorites will still be there—poetry, comics, The Ethical Dilemma, articles by stellar writers such as Janet Asimov and Marty Klein, and we’re already incorporating ideas many of you contributed in last month’s call for feedback. Keep an eye out in your inbox for a brand-new email from me next week to see the exciting changes!

Maggie Ardiente
Editor, HNN

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